How do you conduct a risk assessment for workplace stress?

What is the role of staff surveys in identifying stress, and how can I run one?

What are my legal requirements, and the legal consequences?

Does my organisation need help?
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Amity Consulting Ltd is a management consultancy established specifically to help organisations address the growing problem of work related stress. With a background in health and safety, law, business management and training, Amity is ideally placed to assist organisations in taking a proactive approach to stress in the work place.

  • In 2003 work place stress was estimated to have cost employers £1.24 billion.
  • 83% of the UK’s top HR managers believed stress is damaging the UK's attempts to bridge the productivity gap with its main global competitors.
  • “The Health and Safety Executive's unprecedented decision to order an NHS trust to improve the way it tackles stress should ring alarm bells for employers” (Personnel Today 19 Aug 2003).
Amity firmly believes that combating stress in the workplace is not just a legal requirement, but can benefit the organisation through increased staff productivity and employee satisfaction, as well as making a difference in the individual lives of those suffering from stress. We offer a range of services that can be tailored to meet your business need, and help you become compliant with the law. It is no longer an option to do nothing .


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