"It will often be better to obtain competent advice to help you design a questionnaire that is specific to your organisation, but try to formulate an overall picture using more than one source of data. Try to avoid using questionnaires in isolation" HSE

Staff Audit

Staff surveys are one aspect of an organisations risk assessment process, and they can provide an important snapshot of stressors in the workplace, allowing employees to voice their feelings and experiences individually. The logistics of creating an individually tailored survey that meets your organisational needs, distributing that survey and analysing the response data before offering solutions can be a daunting and time consuming task. Using our experience Amity believes we can increase the speed of delivery, and decrease overall cost, whilst encouraging employee participation due to increased confidence in an independent, unbiased and confidential service. Amity also has the skills necessary to effectively interpret survey data and identify valuable interventions specific to your organisation.



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